Customer Initiatives

customer initiatives

We have over many years developed very close working relationships with our customers and look forward to building partnerships with them. We are happy to stock products on your behalf and establish long term supply agreements, delivering consignment stocks on a weekly or monthly basis.

Many of our own products are supplied "branded" with our customer's logos, or packaged in their unique style, this gives our customers the confidence of supplying a quality product that can fit in to their corporate style of branding and own range of products. This can all be achieved with very little initial set up cost.

We are proud of the relationships and partnerships, both new and old, that we have with many of our customers, after all a close working relationship will bring success for the benefit of all parties. Please feel free to read more about our supply options or contact our Sales Department either by email at or call 01922 740001, to discuss if any of these initiatives will help your business.