Our interactive guide illustrates the many different components and options that make up the anatomy of a door. 

Architectual Butt Hinges

Phoenix Architectural Hinges, manufactured by Cooke Brothers, have been designed as a comprehensive suite of products to meet a wide variety of applications. Ranging from low cost, low weight door applications, through to high door weight, high usage and maintenance free installations. 

Available in a range of sizes and a choice of special options such as ANSI hole patterns, radiused corners, dog bolts anti-ligature hinges and conductor hinges.  Phoenix Architectural Hinges are manufactured utilising the latest production techniques to ensure consistency of both quality and performance.

Interleaf Continuous Hinges

Phoenix architectural continuous hinges are also available as anti-ligature. The range is available in widths of 35mm upwards and in standard lengths of 2000mm and 2134mm. Available in stainless steel grade 304 and 316.

The Interleaf continuous hinge allows direct surface fitting on to frame and on to the door and will hinge the entire length of the door drastically reducing the opportunity for finger-trapping. Additionally, with the use of purpose made end caps, can be used as a reduced ligature hinge in situations where there is an increased risk of self-harm has been identified.

Tested to BSEN1935 Grade 14 (160Kgs), CE marked and CERTIFIRE approved for use on Fire Doors


Pivota Concealed Hinges

A fully concealed hinge that gives clean lines and a seamless appearance.  The PIVOTA® concealed hinge gives a seamless, almost invisible appearance in a wide range of applications and door types. They can be used on timber or metal doors and can carry door weights of up to 300kg. 

The hinges come in a number of different size options to suit various door thicknesses. PIVOTA® is made from aluminum or Steel and is available in a number of finishes. There are anti-burglary and fire door options available.  Provides 3 way adjustment without the need to remove or interfere with the door.


Pivot Sets

Phoenix pivot sets provide an unobtrusive and service free door hinge system that allows doors to swing freely in either direction. They are designed for medium duty internal doors. Suitable for door widths of up to 1100mm and 44 & 54mm thickness doors.  

For use on door weights up to 80kg when floor mounted and 30kg when jamb mounted.  The main pivot hinge components are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel with self-lubricating polymer bush bearings, which provide a maintenance free operation.

Vision Panels

An excellent solution to both meeting visibility requirements and providing a smart, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Phoenix vision panels are available in a wide range of options: Circular, Square, Rectangular, Oblong, as well as decorative fascias to suite with our range of inset handles.

Vision panels are supplied as a complete modular unit ready for direct installation in to your pre-cut door blank. They can be fitted as either new build or retrofit in to existing door blanks, subject always to continuing to correctly meeting the fire rating of the individual doorset. Manufactured in steel or stainless steel, Phoenix vision panels can be finished to enhance the appearance of any timber, composite, or metal door system. 

Designed for use on both non fire rated doors and to comply with BS EN 1634 for an increasingly expanding range of fire door options.

Door Selectors

Where pairs of rebated doors are installed it is essential to ensure that they close in the right order. The simplest solution to this is to fit a door selector device to the top of the doors. If the wrong door arrives at the selector first it holds the door partly open until the correct door has passed through, which then in turn allows the held back door to close. 

Inset Handles

The inset handles offer a variety of themed styles, designed to give instant visual appeal.  Suitable for use on many different door sets including, sliding, folding or where space constraints eliminate the use of traditional lever or pull handles, flush pulls provide a unique solution.  The three ranges include traditional, standard and designer.

Traditional Range

The Traditional range continues to be extremely popular with architects, specifiers and joinery contractors.

Standard Range

The Standard range of inset handles have the visual simplicity of form follows function. There are five standard designs within the range. Supplied as standard in satin polished stainless steel with a stainless steel back box. The name plate variant has space to the left or right of the handle pocket for screen printing any design.

Designer Range

The Designer range includes five themes.  Suitable for both internal and external doors they have been designed to provide instant visual impact whilst maintaining an ergonomic solution for access. 

All ranges are manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel grade 304 and available in a range of finishes.

Continuous hinges

Continuous hinges, or piano hinges after their development for use on piano keyboard lids, provide a visually neat and high quality solution to the hinging of any lid or door. Compared to the use of several shorter butt hinges, no rebating is required, with the hinges being surface fitted to both door and frame. 

Cut down to match the full length of the door, continuous hinges provide alignment over the whole length of the door, as well as achieving even distribution of the load.  

Standard continuous hinge lengths is 1829mm (6ft) however the continuous hinge range can be produced in custom lengths. 

Letter Plates

The Phoenix Architectural Letterplates & Inner Tidies are designed to suit applications where the standard flap size of a domestic letterplate is not sufficient to accept large envelopes or bulky mail.

These letterplates can comfortably accommodate deliveries of both size and volume and are suitable for either direct door fixing or wall mounted as part of a through the wall chute system.

Manufactured from both grade 304 and grade 316 stainless steel, they are suitable for use on external applications including coastal applications.  Available in satin or polished finishes in a standard range of sizes available from stock - other sizes available to special order

A bespoke manufacturing service is available - manufactured utilising laser-cut technology, we have the ability to produce designs to suit your exact requirements.

Door Edge Protection

Door edge protection provides an effective solution to the problem of door damage, particularly in high traffic areas such as hotels, schools and hospitals. The Door Edge Protection range is available in a wide choice of materials and finishes.

Helps reduce damage and wear and tear to door edges and improves unsightly damaged edges.

Available in a choice of materials and finishes enabling designers and specifiers to suite them with other architectural hardware

Door edge protection for lock side is also available. 

Push Plates

Push plates are small plates most commonly fitted in commercial properties in particular offices, hotels and shops or anywhere else with swing doors. Typically installed at arm height and used to protect where people push the door open with their hand.  Cooke Brothers can provide push plates in a range of sizes and finishes.

Kick Plates

Kick plates are small plates most commonly fitted in commercial properties in particular offices, hotels and shops.  Kick plates are installed at the bottom of the door to protect the door from damage.  Cooke Brothers can provide kick plates in a range of sizes and finishes.

Flush Bolts

The Phoenix range of Flush Bolts are designed for face or end fixing and come in 2 options standard and lockable.  The flush bolts are morticed into the door to create a flush surface either on the front of the door or in between two doors to securely bolt together.  Mainly use with single or double doors including rebated door sets in commercial and domestic applications.

Manufactured in stainless steel throughout and available in different lengths to accommodate top as well as bottom of door fixing.