Architectural Hinges Compliance & Grading

Hinge Test in Action

Compliance Testing

Crucial to the success of the Cooke Brothers range of Architectural Hinges, is our continual development and testing program. All hinges are rigorously tested before product launch, both internally and externally to ensure they meet the required standard. We also have an ongoing program of product testing on our CE range of hinges to ensure they continue to be certified.

BS EN 1935:2002

The Current standard for Singles Axis Hinges is BS EN1935:2002. Hinges are tested against a standard door and specific number of cycles in order to achieve certification. A single hinge is tested, whereas in reality a minimum of three hinges will support the door.

CE Certification

Hinges that are used on Fire and Escape Routes must legally be CE marked. The mark on the product will satisfy building inspectors and trading standards officers that you have done your best to ensure that the building is safe to use. Increasingly, it will become the duty of the building owner to ensure that the building is safe to use and this is where CE marked products will help.

CE marking is not easily achieved, products have to be independently tested at both initial product launch and annually throughout the life of the product. To keep your buildings safe, only use products with this mark and ask for evidence of Certification. Copies of our Certification are available to download on the individual product pages.

In addition to the product testing to BSEN1935, products are also fire tested to EN1634 and are manufactured in a factory with a recognised FPC - Factory Production Control. This ensures that the processes and procedures used to manufacture the products are controlled within an Audited Quality System. Cooke Brothers have the Quality Management System ISO 9001 in place and are regularly audited to ensure we comply with this standard.


Certifire is the product certification division of Warrington Fire Research, they safety test a huge range of hardware products. Certifire approved products will all work together on the doorset assembly to ensure absolute safety against the spread of fire. CE marked products do not have the same rigorous certification requirements as Certifire approved products, so to remove any doubt, always ensure you specify a Certifire approved product for use on Fire and Escape Door Assemblies. Copies of our Certifire Certificates are also available for download within this website

Disability Discriminations Act

Part III of the Disability Discriminations Act 1995 (DDA) places duties on those providing goods, facilities or services to the public. Since October 2004 all 'service providers' have been required to take reasonable steps to provide for the needs of disabled people who wish to the use their services. This includes the removal of the Physical Barrier.

Cooke Brothers are equally concerned about how our products affect the day to day lives of people with disabilities. Fire regulations demand that all fire and escape doors will close upon the event of a fire and though they continue to take precedence over the requirements of DDA, this can cause a conflict. One way to ensure that doors open easily for wheelchair users and close easily on the event of a fire is to use hinges with the lowest possible opening and closing torque resistance. BSEN1935:2002 allows a maximum of 4Nm resistance to opening, whereas the high quality bearings used in Phoenix Architectural Hinges will typically operate at less than 1Nm.


As part of BS EN 1935:2002 there are currently 14 Grades which are tested, this covers hinges for both windows and doors. The weights currently tested range from 10Kg right through to 160Kg, with up to a maximum of 200,000 test cycles.

The table below details the current test requirements.

Hinge Grade Usage Test Cycles Door Mass
1 Window 10,000 10Kg
2 Window 10,000 20Kg
3 Window / Door 25,000 20Kg
4 Door 200,000 20Kg
5 Window 10,000 40Kg
6 Window / Door 25,000 40Kg
7 Door 200,000 40Kg
8 Window 10,000 60Kg
9 Window / Door 25,000 60Kg
10 Door 200,000 60Kg
11 Door 200,000 80Kg
12 Door 200,000 100Kg
13 Door 200,000 120Kg
14 Door 200,000 160Kg

Please Note: BS EN1935:2002 is likely, over the next two years, to be updated to include testing for door test masses of 200Kg and over 250Kg. This will also for the first time include continuous hinges, which are increasingly being specified on Security Door applications.

Cooke Brothers are currently developing additional ranges to meet these new standards and testing our range of security continuous hinges to ensure they comply with the latest legislation.