Architectural Hinges Installation Information

On standard doorsets it is usually recommended to use three hinges, the top and bottom hinges being fitted approximately 250mm from the door end to the hinge centre line, with the third hinge being fitted in the centre of the other two. Equally spaced hinges will minimise warping with extremes of temperature or humidity.

The drawings below show both standard and special fitting arrangements for hinges.

Architectural Hinges Door Installation

Figure 1 shows a standard hinge arrangement.

Figures 2, 3 and 4 detail hinge positions for doors, where the hinges are operating at the near the maximum load capacity, or where door closers (particularly back-check closers) are in use and the door is in a high frequency of use environment.

On doors in excess of 2100mm high it is recommended that a fourth hinge is fitted, the fourth hinge should be fitted about 200mm below the top hinge.

Door Weights

The chart below details the mass ranges of typical doors. It is vital to have an accurate measurement of the weight of the door before selecting the correct hinge to use.

Mass ranges of typical doors Size (mm) Mass (Kg)
Cupboard, wardrobe, cabinet louvred doors and shutters 2040 x 626 x 40 3 to 10
Light internal large wardrobe and large louvred doors 2040 x 926 x 40 10 to 17.5
Medium internal doors 2040 x 1012 x 40 17.5 to 25
Heavy internal doors 2040 x 1012 x 40 25 to 37.5
Half hour fire doors 2040 x 826 x 44 25 to 37.4
Light external doors 2040 x 907 x 40 20 to 37.5
Heavy external doors 2040 x 1002 x 44 37.5 to 55
One hour fire doors 2040 x 826 x 54 37.5 to 72.5
Oversize or special external doors 2400 x 1200 55 to 110


The weight of standard Architectural Ironmongery is often not added to the total weight of the doorset, however again it is important that this is taken into consideration. The chart below highlights typical weights of Ironmongery.

Typical weight of ironmongery (kgs) General Aluminium Stainless
Pair of lever handles 0.7 0.4 1
Kickplate 900 x 200 x 1.5 (pair) 3 1.5 4
Heavy duty door closer 3 x x
Economy door closer 2 x x
Euro pattern lock 72mm ctrs 1 x x
English pattern lock 57mm ctrs 0.5 x x

Adjusted Door weights

The reliability of the hinges depends on several factors. Door widths and the type of door closer specified can have an important bearing on the weight of the door.

  • If fitting a standard door closer add 20% to the weight of the door.
  • If fitting a back-check door closer then add 75% to the weight of the door.
  • For doors of excessive widths (1000mm or more) further adjustment needs to be made to allow for the increased bending movement acting on the hinges.

The following chart illustrates the effective increase in door mass as the width of the door increases.

Door width (mm) Theoretical increase in door mass %
1000 0
1050 10
1100 18
1150 26
1200 33
1250 40