anti ligature hinge

Designed for use in areas where there is a clearly identified risk of self harm. Phoenix reduced-ligature hinges provide a discreet and effective solution by greatly reducing the possibility of the hinge knuckle projection being used as a ligature point.

The choice of hinges featuring Phoenix reduced-ligature profiles includes high performance concealed bearing architectural hinges and full length continuous hinges in either standard format or the ultra slim Interleaf option.

Reduced-ligature interleaf continuous hinges save installation time as doors do not require rebating, whilst the unique interleaf construction allows for a minimal 3mm gap between door and frame, unlike a standard architectural continuous hinge gap of 12mm.

  • Reduced-ligature architectural hinges are based on the highly specified 7700 series
  • The reduced-ligature butt hinge range incorporates maintenance free polymer bearing technology, anti-tamper screws and includes a twenty five year guarantee
  • The 7700 series has been successfully tested to the DHF TS001 recommendation for reduced-ligature products and has been certified to BS EN 1935 Grade 14, 160kg, CE marked and CERTFIRE approved
  • Standard hinge sizes available:
    • 101 x 70mm,
    • 101 x 76mm,
    • 101 x 89mm,
    • suitable for 44mm and 54mm thick doors.

For more information please see
7700 Series Concealed Bearing Reduced Ligature Range
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