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Architectural Hinges

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Architectural Hinge Range

Phoenix Architectural Hinges, have been designed as a comprehensive suite of products to meet a wide variety of demands. Ranging from low cost, low weight door applications, through to high door weight, high usage and maintenance free installations. Architectural hinges include Plain Knuckle, Washered Knuckle, Shrouded Bearing, Slimline, Concealed Bearing, Dual Bearing, Loadmaster, Anti-Ligature, Cover Plate Hinges, Pivota and Special Hinges. Read More >

Continuous Hinges

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Continuous Hinge Range

Continuous hinges, or piano hinges after their development for use on piano keyboard lids, provide a visually neat and high quality solution to the hinging of any lid or door. Compared to the use of several shorter butt hinges, no rebating is required, with the hinges being surface fitted to both door and frame. Cut down to match the full length of the door, continuous hinges provide alignment over the whole length of the door, as well as achieving even distribution of the load. Available in Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, Architectural, Anti-ligature and interleaf. Read More >

Cabinet Hinges

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Cabinet Hinge Range

A comprehensive range of cabinet hardware in various finishes and styles, suitable for many uses from traditional joinery to more modern and functional applications. The cabinet hardware range includes Butt Hinges, Extruded Brass Butt Hinges, Decorative Cabinet Hinges, Lift-off Hinges, Screen Hinges, Presentation Case Hinges, Glass Plates, D Handles and Continuous Hinges. Read More >


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Pivota Range

The PIVOTA® concealed hinge gives a seamless, almost invisible appearance in a wide range of applications and door types. They can be used on timber or metal doors and can carry door weights of up to 300kg. The hinges come in a number of different size options to suit various door thicknesses. PIVOTA® is made from Aluminum or Steel and is available in a number of finishes. There are anti-burglary and fire door options available. Read More >