Bookcase Installation Information

Four bookcase strips are inlaid or surface fitted onto the inside end faces of each shelving bay. Additional strips can be fitted to the back face of the shelving bay, reducing the risk of shelves sagging from heavy loads or long shelf spans.

The image illustrates where shelving strips should be placed. All shelving strips should be fitted from a common level starting point at the base of the shelving unit, with the embossed PHOENIX logo at the same end of each strip.

Shelf Support Installation Illustration

The use of shelving buffers will not only protect glass shelves from point loading but also assist should any warping of wooden shelves or slight misalignment of shelving strips be present.

Owing to variations in shelving and cabinet materials it is recommended that a shelf at the base of the cabinet is test loaded to the maximum anticipated loading per shelf before putting loads on the higher shelves.

For the safety of all users please ensure that the shelving unit is secure from falling forward when in use, and that individual shelves are not used for climbing upon to reach items high up as shelves are not restrained from sliding forwards. For additional security the shelving unit should be secured to the floor or wall, and individual wooden shelves can be secured in place from the underside using additional fastenings fitted through the 4mm diameter holes in the single studs.