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Do You Need Steel, Brass or Aluminium Hinges?

Jul 17, 2020, 14:23 PM by Editor User

There are various types of hinges all manufactured uniquely using fine, quality materials. Every hinge is individually designed and suited to several use cases or applications. From solid steel hinges ideal for vigorous environments to aluminium hinges that will last a lifetime, in this blog you will explore the most common materials used to manufacture hinges, the benefits of each and the most suited applications. Read more to find out which type of hinge may be best suited to you.

Steel Hinges

Steel hinges are highly durable quality hinges able to be used in harsh environments. From the production floor through to fittings, steel hinges are guaranteed to last for a lifetime even in heaviest duty commercial settings. From Concealed Bearing Hinges to Architectural Butt Hinges, here are some take home points on steel hinges for you to decide whether it’s a steel hinge you’re looking for.

Steel Hinge Benefits

1. Steel Hinges are Corrosion Resistant

Stainless steel can withstand arduous, marine type environments due to its corrosive resistant and durable nature. Stainless steel is superior to other materials when it comes to robustness, strength and resistance to rust and corrosion therefore it’s the perfect solution for hinges that are required in busy, outdoor environments.

2. Steel Hinges Have an Aesthetic Appeal

As well as being a sturdy and solid hinge material, steel has an aesthetic appeal which makes steel hinges great in many different commercial environments. Unlike other hinges made out of various materials, steel hinges can maintain excellent condition and aesthetics; they do the job properly and look great at the same time. This makes fitting steel hinges into any kind of design and style totally stress free and simple.

3. Steel Hinges are Strong & Reliable

Steel hinges do not compromise on quality for aesthetics. They are in fact one of the most reliable and hard-wearing hinge choices available which again makes them perfect for heavy-duty applications and placements where longevity is important. As a result of their high-quality, they can be the more costly hinge option, however they end up being the most cost-effective hinge long term as they last longer than other hinges.

Steel Hinge Applications

Due to the corrosive resistant and durability, steel hinges are an ideal hinge choice for high traffic commercial environments such as commercial washrooms, commercial shopping centres, marine environments and factories, with the highest door-weight capacity of 160kgs. With integrated high-performance, steel hinges can also be applied to more domestic environments, with a full range of options and finishes available to suit your home aesthetics and style.

Brass Hinges

Brass is known for its low friction and malleability making it an ideal material solution for hinges. Brass butt hinges are in fact the most common hinge installed in domestic environments. From Extruded Brass Butt Hinges ideal for home appliances such as cabinets windows and light-weight flush doors, to brass cabinet fittings and hinges, brass could be your hinge material of choice that suits your specific application best.

Brass Hinge Benefits

1. Brass Hinges are the Most Malleable Option

Due to its malleability, brass hinges are the perfect solution where a reliable, strong, solid hinge is required. Having the ability to mould into different positions with a resilience to breakage makes it an excellent hinge material that allows for malleability and flexibility.

2. Lend a Quality Aesthetic Look

Brass hinges lend a popular aesthetic look in homes, giving a classic aesthetic. They are great to match a Victorian building or antique designed ironmongery. Like other hinges brass hinges are available in a range of finishes which makes them even more versatile when it comes to home aesthetics.

3. Brass Hinges are Sturdy & Corrosion Resistant

Brass is highly resistant to corrosion avoiding any signs of rusting. For application such as home outdoor furnishings where there would be multiple weather changes and possible corrosion then brass hinges are a great option.

Brass Hinge Applications

Brass is a softer extruded metal thus suited to light-weight applications such as cabinets, windows and furniture. Brass hinges are preferable on domestic appliances and lend a classic, aesthetic look without compromising on quality. Brass hinges are also ideal for DIY home projects and will work with most budgets.

Aluminium Hinges

Aluminium hinges are popular hinge solutions for a range of different applications, from shelving cabinets, outdoor furniture, doors or gates in industrial, commercial or residential environments, either outdoors or indoors. They’re a cost-effective hinge solution that maintains strength and durability with little maintenance required. Find out whether aluminium hinges are the hinges you’re looking for.

Benefits of Aluminium Hinges

1. Aluminium Hinges are Durable

Aluminium hinges are solid, robust and durable able to withstand a range of different climates. Although aluminium hinges may not be quite as strong as steel hinges, when blended with alloy elements, the strength factor of aluminium hinges can be improved. The weight of aluminium hinges is, on average, 40% less then steel hinges which allows more advanced hinge designs to be employed like the high-performance PIVOTA concealed hinges which are made from highly accurately machined aluminium parts.

2. Aluminium Hinges are Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium hinges do not rust even when exposed to moisture. This, quite literally, opens many doors to different applications and environments such as outdoor settings where climate can’t easily be controlled.

3. Cost Effective Hinge Solution

Aluminium is generally the most cost-effective hinge material. Aluminium hinges are also recyclable giving them an extended lifetime opportunity which would ultimately save more money on various other resources further down the line.

Aluminium Hinge Application

Due to the light weight of aluminium hinges, they are most commonly used in transport vessels such as trains, aircrafts and boats helping to improve fuel efficiency. Their corrosion resistance also means they are an ideal hinge solution for outdoor, marine environments or any application where stainless steel may not be the best option in terms of function or cost.

Heavy Duty aluminium hinges, for example, Heavy-duty continuous aluminium hinges have a fire rating of up to 3 hours which means they are great for commercial environments such as hospitals, schools, stadiums, office spaces and industrial buildings.

How to choose the right hinge

Whether you require steel hinges for heavy-duty commercial environments, brass hinges for home DIY projects or aluminium hinges for use in transportation, all three materials have their benefits. Consider what application you are going to need the hinge type for and match accordingly so that you can get the most out of your hinges for any specific application.

It’s vital you match the correct hinge with your application to maximise longevity, durability and fit; each hinge will perform better in their given environments and, when chosen correctly hinges can be used at their full potential.

Looking for further guidance in choosing the right hinge? Get in touch with the hinge experts at Cooke Brothers. With a range of knowledge within the team and years of experience, you can trust us to suggest the perfect hinge type for you, whether it be a steel, brass or aluminium hinge.

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