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How to Choose the Best Bearing Hinge for You – A Guide

Jul 17, 2020, 13:57 PM by Editor User

From dual hinges to shrouded and concealed bearing hinges, there’s a range of different bearing hinges out there and you may find yourself wondering how to choose the most suitable one for your application. Depending on a series of factors, it’s important you find the most suited hinge as abilities, strengths and uses of bearing hinges can differ.

In this blog we will take a look at the different types of hinges, before explaining what factors you must consider when choosing the right hinge for you. Whether you’re looking for bearing hinges to use in a high traffic, busy commercial environment or in quieter domestic settings, some will be more suited to your specific application than others.

Choosing the Best Bearing Hinge for You

There are many aspects to consider before figuring out what bearing hinge you need. Whether you need it for a commercial environment or for use in the home you must weigh up and consider the different qualities of the bearing hinges including load, material used, and the actual type of bearing used in the hinge.

Hinge Load Capacity

The load indicates how strong the hinge needs to be to support the weight of the door. It can vary depending on whether or not anything is hanging from the door or whether anything is leaning on the door which can often happen with small maintenance doors in more domestic environments. The load can also refer to the ironmongery fitted to the door and the doors centre of gravity.

Hinge Material 

Your desired material of the hinge will depend on the required strength of the hinge. You also need to consider the temperature of the environment the hinge will be used in and whether there will be any UV radiation, moisture or chemicals around which may be the case in settings such as domestic or commercial kitchens.

Different Types of Bearing Hinges

Depending on your application the type of bearing your hinge has is crucial. For example, if you require a bearing hinge in a heavy traffic commercial environment you would need to avoid a hinge with metal to metal contact within the hinge as this will cause undue friction and wear over time.

Take a look at these different main types of bearing hinges.

Dual Bearing Hinges

Dual bearing hinges traditionally have 5 knuckles incorporating fully concealed high-performance, shrouded polymer bearings within each knuckle. These hinges are practical and have a low friction level making them ideal for environments where maintenance free hinges are desired. Available in a range of different material and finishes, including satin polished, polished brass and clear zinc, these hinges are ideal for medium traffic, commercial environments fitting the desired style and aesthetics of the space. They are also Certfire approved giving the user confidence with regards to the performance of the hinge.

Concealed Bearing Hinges

Concealed bearing hinges have integrated high performance bearings that are reliable and robust. The high-performance structure and design are valuable qualities utilising concealed advanced polymer brushes to make them maintenance free. These bearing hinges have the highest door weight capacity making them an ideal solution in arduous, high traffic environments where a standard plain bearing hinge wouldn’t be suitable. They are also Certifire approved.

Shrouded Bearing Hinges

Shrouded bearing hinges are best suited to medium-traffic environments, for example offices and domestic spaces. This simple hinge is the most cost-effective bearing hinge solution however you do not have to compromise on quality due to being constructed using high-performance polymer bearing technology. In the same way as the concealed and dual bearing hinges, shrouded bearing hinges are also Certifire approved.

Which Bearing Hinge Do You Need?

Not sure on the bearing hinge you need? Remember choosing the correct hinge type is vital so be sure to know the use and benefits of each bearing hinge.

Bearing hinges are high quality and can be trusted in a range of different types of settings.

Heavy Traffic Commercial Applications

Concealed bearing hinges are strongly recommended in heavy traffic commercial environments due to their impressively high maximum door weight of 160kgs and a maximum cycle per year of 100,000. Their Certifire rating also means they are ideal for commercial environments where dedicated fire doors are required.

Medium Traffic Commercial Applications

In medium traffic commercial environments, a dual bearing hinge would be most suited due to a door weight rating of 120kg and cycles per year hitting 80,000. Their hybrid bearing solution provides the popular aesthetics of a plain knuckle butt hinge but with low maintenance.

Shrouded bearing, fire door rated hinges are also ideal for medium traffic commercial environments with a maximum door weight of 100kgs and 60,000 cycles per year.

Office Environments

Shrouded Bearing Hinges are ideal for offices as they are available in a range of materials and finishes, including satin brass, satin polished, and polished nickel. This means a shrouded bearing hinge can be consistent with the design and style of your office. Ensuring an office is fire safe is crucial and their Certifire approval makes them an excellent choice for this environment.

Domestic Uses

Shrouded Bearing Hinges are great for domestic uses with a long lifespan and minimal maintenance required. They can be great value for money which makes them a more feasible option for home environments without compromising on quality.

Concealed bearing hinges are also a great option in domestic environments as well in busier settings as they are high-grade hinge solution. Concealed bearing hinges provide a simple and robust design and come available in a range of materials including brass, bronze, chrome and nickel. The range of different finishes available means you can choose the ideal hinge to complement your personal home style. 

Want more advice on choosing the right bearing hinge? 

If you’re still unsure about what bearing hinge you need get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team here at Cooke Brothers. We are passionate about guiding and helping you choose the correct hinge for your required application.

Alternatively, we have a Frequently Asked Hinge Questions page where you can find answers to specific bearing hinge questions or refer to our helpful brochures.

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