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Nov 01, 2008

UK Hinge Manufacturer Cooke Brothers Are The Cream Of The Crop

Leading hinge manufacturer, Cooke Brothers, has swept the board with CE and Certifire ratings on all its top range Phoenix brand architectural hinges.

Constructor Magazine

"Drawing on the knowledge and expertise gained over many years of designing and manufacturing hinges for architectural applications, achieving these accolades was a natural progression for Cooke Brothers", MD Philip Cooke told Constructor.

Architectural Products Manager Peter King elaborated further: "Safety, security and reliability are key elements to be taken into consideration when specifying hinges. More and more architects, specifiers and door schedulers are turning to our Phoenix brand hinges."

"When BS EN 1935 2002 was introduced, we seized the opportunity to test our hinges to the new specification. This helped raise still higher the value of our hinges to customers because our top of the range hinges became eligible for CE marking, BSi Kite Marking and the newly introduced Certifire certification. Meeting these strict criteria is a significant achievement."

Different hinges from across the ranges were subject to the full rigours of CE and Certifire testing by Warrington Laboratories, an independent accredited testing body. All came through with flying colours. Cooke Brothers' flagship hinges, the new Loadmaster and the well established Slimline hinges won further acclaim. These were subjected to a gruelling ordeal - more than four hours of exposure in a fire test where the temperature rose to over 1,200°C.

Slimline, Loadmaster and Specification hinges all qualify to carry the kitemark, CE mark and Certifire mark. Other hinges in the Phoenix range are fire assessed.

Chris Pote, Cooke Brothers Quality Assurance Manager, continued: "This is particularly gratifying, although in reality it is unlikely hinges would ever be exposed to such a ferocious conflagration, knowing that they are capable of withstanding such extremes gives us complete confidence in our hinges' performance under normal circumstances."

Peter King added: "To clarify things, all the fire door hinges must carry the appropriate CE marking, i.e. the fourth digit in the CE mark must be 1. Building Regulations stipulate a minimum melting point of 800°C for fire door hinges, Cooke Brothers' architectural hinges are made from stainless steel that has a melting point exceeding 1,500°C.

Midlands-based Cooke Brothers' UK-manufactured hinges can be specified with absolute confidence that they fully comply with the full BS EN 1935 standard having passed each element of the tests, including the demanding shear strength test which has caused difficulties for some manufacturers and importers, with quality assured through the company wide BS EN ISO 9001 2000.