Cooke Brothers News

Nov 05, 2008

Offering the very best of British Manufacturing and Design

Architectural Ironmonger Journal

Walsall based hinge-maker Cooke Brothers is a rare thing - a British manufacturer that is facing the future with optimism, despite a decline in traditional UK metal bashing industries and increasing competition from cheaper imports from the Far East, particularly China.

The company's confidence lies in an unparalleled depth of experience - Cooke Brothers has been producing hinges since 1872 - an unswerving commitment to quality, and the management expertise to evolve with the changing needs of customers.

One reason for its success is consistency - the Cooke family is still very much at the helm of the company: chairman David and managing director Philip are the fourth generation of Cookes to enter the business.

And with another generation ready in the wings, Cooke Brothers - as always - continues to take the long-term view as regards its development, eschewing quick fixes and short-term solutions.

Philip Cooke said: "Our whole philosophy revolves around sustainable quality, whether that's the quality of our products, of our exhaustive testing procedures, of our on-going work in developing new products or of our customer service. Our hinges, like our company, are built to last."

The very Britishness of Cooke Brothers, its accessibility, visibility and accountability in the UK market are among its greatest strengths, and never more so than now with the tide of Far East imports.

"There is no doubt that the quality of Far East-made hinges has improved, but there are to my mind and to that of many others in the industry still unanswered questions as to their reliability and the integrity and robustness of the testing procedures."

"Just two areas that could cause concern are their source raw materials and the quality control of the production process."

"Purchasers must decide whether the risks involved in purchasing hinges from an unknown, and possibly imperfectly controlled source, is worth the cost saving, which often proves illusory."

"British made and British tested - which is the Cooke Brothers promise - is what we believe purchasers should demand."