Cooke Brothers News

Oct 01, 2009

Cooke Brothers Install State Of The Art Laser Punch Press Services

Our in-house combined laser cutting and punching facility provides tremendous flexibility to our customers.

Benefits of having your product produced on our laser punch press facility include:

  • Small, even one off, production batches
  • Minimal or zero tooling costs
  • Rapid design changes
  • Low piece prices
  • Rapid delivery

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With our combination of high and low volume production capabilities we can competitively meet your standard and bespoke product demands. Laser cutting capacity is up to 5mm in thickness, with punching capacity up to 22 tonnes force, and includes coining processes such as countersinking, ribbing, as well as bending and tapping.

All tooling has 360° rotational capability which allows complex shapes to be generated from simple tooling, with the laser cutting allowing unique profiles to be cut without any tooling requirements.

Our laser cutting or combined cutting and forming service is available as a sub contract facility, with price and delivery quoted upon receipt of your enquiry.