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May 01, 2010

Hafele and Cooke Brothers Link up for Malawi Charity

Malawi Charity

When hinge manufacturers Cooke Brothers Ltd was approached by leading UK hardware distributor Hafele UK Ltd to be jointly involved in the supply of a special shipment of free of charge hinges to a pioneering charitable development in Malawi, there was no hesitation by the management at Cooke's to provide positive support to the project.

Launched by President Clinton in 2005, one of the major objectives of the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative (CHDI) in Malawi is to help the country out of abject poverty through, in part, by a programme of improved access to primary education.

Committing $100 million to a whole raft of economic and social projects in Malawi, the CHDI identified that; in the area of primary education, the design and development of classrooms and teacher housing, that can be built quickly and economically, was considered a fundamental priority.

Pivotal to the design and ease of construction of the new classrooms was the work of award winning Architects, John McAslan & Partners, who contributed their extensive resources, without charge, as part of the company's commitment to social responsibility projects. In order to cope with the extreme summer temperatures in Malawi, a key element in the JMP classroom design was the incorporation of opening shutters in all classrooms to aid ventilation.

Calling on the technical experts at Hafele UK to source and supply the range of high specification hardware required for the new buildings, the call was made to Cooke Brothers to produce the superior performance hinges needed for each set of shutters.

In view of the extreme conditions and the potentially heavy usage that the shutters may have to endure, the product specifically selected for the project was the Phoenix branded Slimline 102 x 76 x 2.5mm, 304 grade, Stainless Steel Butt hinge. Tested to BS EN 1935 Grade 13 (120kg), the Slimline Butt Hinge is CE marked, Certifire tested and supplied with a 25-year performance guarantee.

The first stage of the Malawi schools project is currently nearing completion and has already been heralded as an outstanding success, with students commenting that the new buildings are much better than their old schools - in part due to the openable shutters.

The CHDI reports that to achieve their first target, an additional 10,000 classroom places and associated teacher accommodation are still required for Malawi, so the future supply of hardware from Hafele UK and Cooke Brothers looks set to continue for sometime to come.