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Jul 01, 2012

Power To The Door - The Latest in Hinge Technology

With the growing popularity in electronic door locks and door security controls, Master Hinge Makers Cooke Brothers have reported a real surge in demand for their range of multi wired Conductor/Power Transfer Hinges. Whilst some electrical devices operate perfectly well with battery power, for long-term durability and endurance many of the latest locking systems are specifically designed for mains supplied and transformer controlled continuous power source.

Conductor Hinge

The Phoenix range of fully concealed wire conductor hinges are designed for use with electronic entry controls and can be supplied with 2,4,6,8 or 12 wires capable of carrying up to 24v at 2 amps. The specialist silver-plated, high strength wires are specified as PTFE Insulated equipment wire, ROHS compliant and tested in accordance with BS3G210 AND BS3G230.

Phoenix conductor hinges are available as a standard option in the popular Slimline (pictured), Concealed Bearing, Dual Bearing and LoadMaster Hinge ranges, together with certain patterns of the company’s continuous hinge range. For specification purposes these conductor hinges are classed as non-load bearing.

For further information on the Phoenix range of Conductor/Power Transfer Hinges please contact the Cooke Brothers sales office on: 01922 740011
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