Product Performance

Care and Maintenance

Architectural hinges play an important part in the overall performance of any building. All the Phoenix architectural hinge ranges are designed to give many years trouble free use with only the minimum of routine maintenance when selected in accordance with the guidelines in this product selection brochure and as stated on the fitting instructions leaflet. In order that hinges continue to operate at maximum efficiency they should be checked annually:-

  • Ensure all fasteners are secure.
  • Where necessary wipe clean with a solution of mild detergent applied with a soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasives or bleach as this may permanently damage the hinge surface and its components.
  • Where regular lubrication is recommended re-lubricate the hinge pin and bearings using a light oil, ideally in aerosol form such as WD40 or Tri-Flo which can penetrate into the hinge internal areas.
  • Check that no additional strains are present upon the door caused by building movement or due to warping of the door or frame. This can result in the hinges being put under severe additional loadings. Where problems of this nature occur then the cause of the problem needs to be eliminated, and the hinges re-fitted.