Ironmonger at work

We are a global company with over a century’s experience of manufacturing all types of hinge. Our products are purchased by both Architectural and Industrial customers, with a wide range of hinge types we are able to manufacture hinges for every use, including general typical use, heavy duty use, specialist use such as electrical conductor hinges and anti-ligature hinges, as well as bespoke hinges designed and produced to our customers' own requirements.

Our ability combine the benefits of an up to date manufacturing process with complete control over design development and quality management enables us to confidently tackle the most demanding client requirements; this is underpinned by a skilled workforce and a comprehensive knowledge of our chosen markets.

In addition our understanding of manufacturing systems such a KANBAN or JIT as a method of enables us to meet all our customer requirements. Working to such demanding systems ensures we become vital links in what can be a world-wide supply chain. With press capacity of up to 300 tones and state-of-the-art automated production equipment we are confident in our ability to supply products of the highest quality and reduce production lead times and increase our reaction times to our customers.

We are continually improving our production facilities, in addition our sister company Phoenix Tooling and Development, provides Cooke Brothers with state of the art press tooling, manufactured on the latest CAD/CAM 3D machining systems. Cooke Brothers are committed to the long term and see investment in the future as the key to long term business growth.

With the fast paces nature of client requirements we continually look at ways of developing our own and our customer’s products, we have an ongoing development program and our range of Architectural hinges have been completely redeveloped for 2007 with the introduction of our new Concealed and Shrouded Bearing range of hinges.

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