Continuous Hinges Overview

Continuous Hinges

Phoenix Continuous Hinges are produced and supplied by Cooke Brothers, leading UK hinge manufacturers for over 100 years.

Continuous hinges, or piano hinges after their development for use on piano keyboard lids, provide a visually neat and high quality solution to the hinging of any lid or door. Compared to the use of several shorter butt hinges, no rebating is required, with the hinges being surface fitted to both door and frame. Cut down to match the full length of the door, continuous hinges provide alignment over the whole length of the door, as well as achieving even distribution of the load.

Standard Continuous Hinge Lengths

Although all sizes in the continuous hinge range can be produced in any length, for practical purposes it is usually stocked and sold in standard lengths. The main length is 1829mm (6ft).

Imperial and Metric Sizes

The full continuous hinge range is based on both traditional imperial products and modern metric products. To assist your selection the products, whether tooled as imperial or metric, have all been dimensioned in millimetres. Continuous hinges are displayed in hinge leaf thickness order, starting with the lightest.

Continuous Hinge Tolerances

Some minor variations to the standard sizes must be expected. The hole centres stated represent the approximate centres for any pair of holes. Pre-drilling the door or frame for a complete length of continuous hinge using multiples of the centres shown is not recommended. For accurate hole positions over the whole length contact technical sales.

Additional Information

Continuous Hinge Technology

A - Hinge leaf thickness The material thickness should be selected first as this establishes the range most suitable for your application.
B - Hinge pin diameter For each leaf thickness there is a limited range of pin options against which the main hinge sizes are shown.
C - Hinge open width The overall width of the hinge when the leaves are opened out flat i.e. to 180°.
D - Hinge knuckle length The length of the individual knuckles or joints.
Fixing Hole Information Un-drilled hinges are referred to as 'No holes'.
E - Hole centres The repeat distance for fixing centres along the length.
F - Hole diameter un-countersunk Referred to as plain holes.
G - Screw size For hinges where countersunk, referred to as 'C'sk holes.
L - Overall continuous hinge length
Continuous Hinge Technology

Materials & Finishes

Cooke Brothers offer a full range of Raw Material and Finish options that will both enhance and co-ordinate with your chosen door furniture.

Please note, colours and finishes shown below may vary slightly from the swatches displayed. You should also be aware that your monitor setup may have an influence on how the colours are displayed on this website.


  • Brass
    • Br
    • Brass

Cut to Length Service

Cooke Brothers provide a cut to length service for continuous hinges.  You can now order the exact size you need. 

Where necessary we will advise on length depending on the leaf size and hole positions
The minimum cut length is 200mm and the maximum is 2400mm
For some plated finishes the maximum cut length is 1829mm
The cutting process may not be suitable for some plated finishes
Cut to length products are non-returnable.

How to Order
Simply proceed to select your continuous hinge and you will then have the option to request the cut to length service.

Special Applications

Special Phoenix Continuous Hinges are an important part of the company's business. By using continuous hinge as the basic product it is often possible to avoid over 90% of the tooling cost that would be incurred by tooling a completely special product.

Whether you are after a minor modification or a high volume special, by forwarding your design application to our engineers we can examine the options and quote you for the best solution.

Special Options

The Phoenix Architectural Hinges Special Options Guide shows a wide variety of design features that can be incorporated into the Phoenix Continuous Hinges. To view the Special Options Guide in PDF format, go to our the documents section.


Phoenix Continuous Hinges are available off the shelf in standard lengths, the main length being 1829mm (6ft), although they can also be produced in any length as a specific customer request. The product range pages in this section of the website will tell you exactly what standard length each specific product is available in.

Standard Hinge Profiles

We can offer a variety of hinge profile options as follows

Standard hinge section
Fig. 1 Standard hinge section
Unequal hinge leaves
Fig. 2  Unequal hinge leaves
One or both leaves cranked
Fig. 3 One or both leaves cranked
Reverse assembled
Fig. 4 Reverse assembled
Fully centred
Fig. 5 Fully centred
Part centred
Fig. 6 Part centred