A selection of useful product documents and declaration of performance documents.

Architectural Hinge Documents

Concealed Bearing Hinges Brochure
Concealed Bearing Hinges are simple and robust hinges with concealed advanced polymer bushes reducing friction and providing a maintenance-free solution.
Dual Bearing Hinges Brochure
Dual Bearing hinges use a hybrid bearing solution to provide the popular aesthetic of a plain knuckle butt hinge with low maintenance and low friction advantages.
Loadmaster Hinges Brochure
Phoenix Loadmaster Hinges are rated to a maximum door weight of 160kgs and 80,000 cycles per year. Ideal for high-traffic commercial and domestic applications.
Plain Knuckle Hinges Brochure
Plain Knuckle Hinges use the contact between the knuckle and the pin as the lateral and vertical wear face making them a great choice for low-traffic environments.
Shrouded Bearing Hinges Brochure
Shrouded Bearing Architectural Hinges combine high-performance polymer bearing technology with a simple design. An ideal choice for offices and domestic use.
Slimline Hinges Brochure
Slimline Architectural Butt Hinges are designed to have a sleek aesthetic and minimise the intrusion of the knuckle, creating cleaner lines.
Washered Knuckle Hinges Brochure
Double Washered Architectural Hinges are a significant upgrade to Plain Knuckled Butt Hinges. The addition of a pair of freely rotating steel washers reduce wear to the knuckles.
Special Options Guide
Phoenix architectural hinges special options guide is designed to assist in the selection of additioanl features when specifying or purchasing Phoenix hinges.
Product Selector Guide
This guide introduces the Phoenix architectural hinge ranges and provides recommendations as to the most suitable hinge range for a particular application.

Continuous Hinge Documents

Phoenix Continuous Hinge Brochure
Continuous Hinges, sometimes called piano hinges, are an elegant alternative to standard butt hinges that provide alignment along the full length of the door.
Interleaf Hinges Brochure
Architectural Continuous Interleaf Hinges require no rebating and reduce the gap between the door and frame providing improved safety, reduced ligature as well as a modern aesthetic.

Engineering Hinge Documents

Door Hardware Documents

Cabinet Fittings Brochure
A selection of cabinet hinges, handles and fittings in a selection of styles and materials.
Cabinet Hinges and Fittings Brochure
A range of cabinet hardware from lightweight cabinet hinges to a comprehensive range of continuous hinges.
Glass Door Products Brochure
Architectural ironmongery for glass doors - hinges, flush pulls, sealing systems and brushes.
Future Phoenix Inset Handles and Portholes
A range of designer inset handles and porthole. Suitable for both internal and external doors.

Door Systems Documents

Dualway Anti-Barricade Door System Brochure
A unique anti-barricade two way door system with reduced ligature hinges and hardware

Shelf Support System Documents

Shelf Support Systems Brochure
Shelf Support Systems are ideal for flexible and highly configurable shelving solutions thanks to their simple and functional design.

Services Documents

Hinge Innovations Brochure
Architectural continuous hinges, Pivota fully concealed hinges, architectural hardware, architectural hinges and vision panels.
Laser Punch Press Service Brochure
The laser punch press service provides precision laser profile cutting together with rapid piercing, forming and coining.
Guide to Products and Engineering services
From Phoenix brand through to specialist pressings and sheet metal products.
Normid Simplifile Brochure
Simple, effective plan filing systems. A range of plan holders, wall racks and mobile stands in A0, A1 and A2 size.

Certification Documents

Technical Specification Documents

Declaration of Performance