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How to Choose the right Concealed Hinges | Cooke Brothers

Oct 23, 2019, 14:49 PM by Editor User

You’ve almost certainly come across concealed hinges, in fact, you might well have several in your house. For many people, the most common form of concealed hinge they might interact with on a regular basis is on the inside of their kitchen cabinets. Those clever adjustable mechanisms that allow you to level your cabinet doors and hide the hinge completely when the door is closed.

A Guide to Buying Concealed Hinges

Here at Cooke Brothers we stock concealed hinges for architectural applications with maximum door weights up to 350kg. The visual effect may be similar to your kitchen cabinets, but the technology and construction quality behind our range of PIVOTA concealed hinges is much more advanced.

What is a Concealed Hinge?

A concealed hinge, as you might expect, is a type of hinge that is completely hidden from view when the door in question is closed. The mechanism is designed in such a way that the knuckles of the hinge can disappear into recesses on both the door and frame sides.

The overall effect is a sleek, unbroken line between the door and the frame with no visible mechanism at all.

Features of Our Concealed Hinges

Our PIVOTA concealed hinges are high-quality, precision made hinges which will provide a long life and extremely low maintenance operation. They provide an enhanced aesthetic, improved security and are an excellent choice for scenarios requiring a heavier door.

Strength and Security

By removing the visible knuckle, concealed hinges also remove the opportunity for tampering. This means from either side of the door PIVOTA hinges provide excellent security which makes them ideal for secure facilities including incarceration and healthcare environments. It also removes the opportunity for would-be thieves to gain access to secure rooms or properties by forcing the hinges.

The interlocking knuckles are made from the highest quality steels or alloys meaning they won’t twist, bend or warp over time. Not only does this maximise the weight these hinges can carry, but also extends the life of the mechanism as well.

3-Dimensional Adjustability

The design of PIVOTA concealed hinges means that the hinges can be adjusted in all 3 dimensions. This means you can adjust the fit of your door following the installation and ensure the best possible fit in the frame. This can reduce the need to re-hang the door for the installation of new carpets or if the door itself warps or shrinks over time.

PIVOTA Concealed Hinges by BaSys

PIVOTA hinges are German manufactured using only the highest quality materials and precision tooling. The innovative design is both functional and also extremely beautiful. The interlocking mechanism is designed to give maximum support and smooth operation whilst also being able to fold completely flush when the door is closed.

Which Concealed Hinge is right for me?

To help you narrow down which PIVOTA hinge is right for you we’ve created a handy table to compare the fundamental specifications for each model. The first question to ask is whether or not you require the door to be fire rated. The majority of PIVOTA hinges are fire rated, however, some of the more lightweight options, or models with special features such as extended throw options aren’t. Click here to see our full range of fire rated concealed hinges.

Once you have decided on this you need to make sure the hinge is rated to take the weight of the door you are specifying. Remember the weights quoted for these hinges are inclusive of architectural ironmongery and refer to the hinges as a pair. For example, a pair of PIVOTA DX 120 3D Concealed Hinges can take a combined weight of 150kgs including the handle, lock mechanism and any additional hardware you have specified for your door.

Click here to see the full comparison table for the PIVOTA DX models.